Thursday, March 20, 2008


On a shopping spree with a dear friend of mine last night, Christine, she and I discovered that in all of SL Neko's tend to be highly over looked as models. Well, its something I've suspected for quite some time as I've wanted to get into modeling but as a devout and faithful Neko its proved a difficult to say the least. So what is it about ears and a tail that makes us so non-photogenic? Can't say its because of our skin as up until recently I've always worn a "normal" skin. Although Nomine has an absolutely fantabulous Neko tiger skin. Beeeea-u-tiful! Munch's new line of skins has THE best lip proportion and shape in SL in my opinion. But aside from how fabulous her skins are, what exactly is it about Neko's that designers shy away from in using us for their advertising campaign?

Now before anyone gets all upset I'm not sitting here throwing prejudice or segregation accusations. I honestly think its more a matter of misunderstand and fear of the unknown. I don't believe there is a great conspiracy out there to oust the Neko population from the SL modeling world. Neko's are used a good bit in cyberpunk and steampunk, even a touch of goth from time to time. But I'd love to see them used more and become more mainstream.

*gasps* Did I just say that? Why yes I did. There was a time when I was highly offended at the growing Neko population in SL. Being one of the first Neko's here 3 years ago it was frustrating to see such a boom in the growth of these hybrid cats. I was no longer unique, different, special. But, just like every hooman, or every furry, or elf, or dragon, every Neko has her own unique personality. Each of us are filled with playful quirks that stand us apart from each other. And it is these very playful traits that I feel would lend itself so well to the camera. And I think its time I figure out a way to open up the doors. I'm proud of my ears and tail and wish to show them off, and what better way than through the beauty and art of still photography and fashion.

After all aren't we the purrrrfect ones to walk the catwalk?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Memories of Him

Reading through old LiveJournal posts i came across something i wrote for Thor, my Teddy Bear, way back in 2006 before we officially started dating. i knew even then how much i loved Him and what He meant to me and my life. Such a beautiful man with an amazing heart and passion. i miss Him still.

A Time For Us

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*A Time For Us

There is a place I dream of
I can close my eyes and see it
It exists only in my mind
Yet has a warmth of reality
A place for us
Somewhere in between
Where miles vanish
And time has no meaning

There is a moment I long for
I can picture it so clearly
A desire so strong that it burns inside me
And feeds the flames of my passion for you
A moment for us
Time inbetween
the distance that divides us
Where hours have no meaning

A place for us
together alone
to tangle and touch
and to never let go
A time for us
Moments unending
of passion and tenderness
a dream worth living

There is a place I wish for
I tingle at the thought
A sensation so addicting
that to feel it would be to never let go
A place for us
Time extending infinitly
Wrapped up in your arms
in all the world no better place to be

A place for us
together alone
to tangle and touch
and to never let go
A time for us
Moments unending
of passion and tenderness
a dream worth living

There will be a time for us, if only in my dreams.


*for someone so special it is impossible to put into words what my heart feels.

Basic Math not so basic

20 designs, 18 boards.... HOW did that happen. I have the demos of the 2 missing designs as I showed them to friends and Sebastian told me to take one of each design to test and keep. Yet when the boards were delivered there were only 18. Now I have to wait until the next go round of board production, when ever THAT may be, to get the last 2 designs out for sales. And go figure, one of the designs was a remake from the original board line converted to fit onto sculptie, and it was one of the best selling designs.


This shop is going to be the cause of my insanity.

Oh well.