Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Intro to Modeling

As 8pm SLT approached I found while I was slightly less apprehensive than I was during the Orientation I was still notably anxious about this first class. Who would be my classmates? Who would be the instructor? Would I fit in? Would I trip over my tail and fall flat on my nose in front of everyone? Luckily the latter of the list did not happen.

Our first night at the MODA Modeling school was spent in an intimate classroom around a cozy table discussing the core values MODA is built upon as well as a brief outline of what the course will entail. I found over all that everyone was pleasant, friendly, and very helpful. Still my only concern is my RL schedule interfering with the MODA class schedule. Thursday nights in particular may cause a conflict. But I'm going to stick it out and do my best to complete every class, every course, every assignment.

Its refreshing to be involved in something again. Its uplifting to have a goal and a purpose instead of the shadow of misdirection that I've wandered aimlessly under for the past year. My one hope is that with my change now that I still make Him happy and proud of me. Its His smile that watches over me that I hope to never cause to faulter.