Thursday, January 15, 2009

Questionable Accessories

Optical Mouse, originally uploaded by snowtigress.

***DISCLAIMER: pet peeve rant below.***

I follow a few fashion blogs, ok well more than a few. Anyway, I've noticed a trend lately that has me shaking my head. A few years ago Nitty Gritty made these adorably fun little attachments for nekos. They made cute little house mice, optical (computer) mice, fish, fish skeletons, bird feathers, and a few other kitty themed items that we could appear to have gobbled. They were cute and playful, and most of all fit with what a cat might actually get caught doing.

Lately, I've noticed a steady stream of fashion bloggers posting pictures with avatars standing there with food hanging from their mouth. Most of them look as if it has been stuck to their bottom lip with super glue. I've seen pop tarts, lollipops, and even toast. I do get the essence of cute, but do we really walk around with food hanging out of our mouths? And that is more to the point of my post here. Not only have I seen pictures splashed all over the net with various morsels of food prominently featured precariously dangling from otherwise beautiful Avatar's bottom lips, I have actually seen people walking around the grid with these things. Just seems like bad manners. Maybe its just me.

We all have our own personal tastes, pun intended. But while I'm pictured playfully here with a mouse that I caught and ran away with (please note I made an effort to hide with my captured treasure in a tree), I wouldn't walk around with it rudely sticking out of my mouth. I'd finish my meal or hide my treat. And I would never be caught with sugary little pop tart stuck to my bottom lip, just as I would assume a non-feline creature would not walk around with a cat-nip filled toy in their mouth.

For those of you who find the sweet-filled pastry turned mouth adornments fashionable, photo worthy and posted on the high profile fashion blogs please note this is not a personal affront to you. Just an observation, quirk if you will, and isolated opinion of one little kitty trying to find her own individuality in this great big SL.