Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Memories in Technicolor

Entwined colorized, originally uploaded by ~sierra sugar~.

Its been a long time since I've written about Thor. Not because I don't think about Him. He is in my thoughts daily. Its just that sometimes it's so hard to put down into words what is still my heart for this man. Sometimes the memories are still too painful. Sometimes missing Him simply overwhelms me to the point that all I can say or think is "i miss Him!" No, thinking about Him is not the problem. Writing about Him and all that He still means to me has always been a problem. Its seems the emotions are just too big for words.

But today I have memories, happy colorful memories of mohawks. Thor's mohawks to be exact. It was a hairstyle He was known for throughout SL. And it was not unusual to see Him with some bright technicolored mohawk. Hot pink, vivid blue, neon purple, red with black tips, green with black streaks, blonde, orange, long, short, soft, spiked.. You name it He had it in a mohawk.

There was this one time when I was out of town for work and He was bored. He conned a friend of our to go shopping with Him. Actually, from what I've been told it was more like He bugged everyone on His friends list until someone took enough pity on Him to "babysit" for a few hours til I was home. Of course, I was just as bad without Him. So, when I finally get home He tells me He has something to show me. A mohawk. The most god-aweful ugly mohawk you can find anywhere. In 80 colors! EIGHTY!!! I didn't know whether to laugh, sigh, or ban Him from shopping without me.

But the mohawk was His thing. I can't say that it defined Him, because Thor was beyond definition. He was outrageous and untamed and not bound by any one iconic definition. Someone once described Him as intimidating. And He was, with His wild mohawks, towering frame, angry tribal tattoos, piercings and dark-tinted sunglasses that hid His eyes from everyone. But once you got past His intimidating presence you realized He was this great big incredibly loving teddy bear. Behind those sun-glasses were the kindest, most loving, understanding blue eyes. Underneath all the tattoos, muscles, piercings, was a heart of pure love and joy. I miss my Bear, still. I miss Him everyday. My once in-a-lifetime love.

forever HIS kitty