Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life - The Greatest Show on Earth

Too Bright, originally uploaded by ~sierra sugar~.

Tiny steps echo across a wooden floor and come to a stop.
There is a moment of silence and then the lights come up.

"Over here. No, down a little. There ya go! Kitty center stage.

They say all the world's a stage.
And I say, Forget Barnum and Bailey's, this is it folks. This is the greatest show on Earth, and we're living it.
Except there is no dress rehersal, no retakes, and no scenes left laying on an editing room floor.
Life, is live-action in real time with no commercial breaks.
Everyone has a role, and there is no part too big or too small. Every moment is a vital scene that you alone complete.
So while that spotlight is on you, give it your best, all that you've got. Because you never who's watching and who's heart you might touch, mind you might inspire, or soul you might comfort.
We've only got one chance while the camera is rolling, cause once it stops...
...the rest is silence. "

stage lights fade to black as house lights shine on the rest of the world.

(c) sierra sugar 10/6/2011

Post partially inspired by the tremendous loss of an inspirational man, Steve Jobs, and partially inspired by personal loss in my life.

NEW POSE FROM eMOTIONS - "In the Spotlight" set, "Too Bright"

Skin:[rQ]Pale@TYPE.o4-B.o2 (lightBROW)
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Etta II White Pearl
Nails:[ Love Soul ] Prim nails+Ring*baby doll*Silver
Ears:*Dreams* (aka Somnia) Tied with a Bow Snowy White Twitchy Ear
Tail: PN Extreme Corset neko tail
Shirt: A Netherworld - Incantation Corset - Black (J)
Pants: Zaara : Ishaya Velour slacks *black
Necklace:Kunstkammer String of Tahitian Pearls (black)
Bracelet:Kunstkammer Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Pose: eMOTIONS - "In the Spotlight" set, "Too Bright"

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