Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Trucker's Moon

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A late summer moon rises in the night.
Full and round with its soft amber light.
Watching quietly.
Traveling patiently,
Keeping vigile from it's path across the sky.

A late summer moon rises in the night.
Mostly ignored for the glare of city lights.
Busy people.
Hurried people.
Too distracted in their chaos to notice the sky.

A late summer moon rises in the night.
Guiding the Trucker by it gentle glowing light.
Helping Truckers.
Friend to Truckers.
All the world slumbers, yet the Trucker and his moon travel the roads til morning light.

~Sierra Sugar (c) 09/01/2015


  1. absolutely beautiful Sierra! as I'm often on night shift, I can so relate to this poem... I love it!

  2. Where can I get knock off designer trucker hats?
    Trucker Buck

    1. John, I'm not sure about knock offs, but if you see us out on the road we usually have trucker hats to give away. We are ambassadors for Trucker Path and Tough Tested, so we usually have trucker hats from them with us. Look for a white w900 with a big sleeper (120") "Lightning Logistics".

      Also, I am no longer updating this blog site. All my new posts are at my regular website: www.SweetLifeOfSierraSugar.com

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