Monday, June 16, 2014

The Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and boys.... oh my!

So I watched the first ‪#‎Transformers‬ movie last night with him. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed it.

When I was in high school I remember scoffing at the advertisements for the new movie coming out... "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". I swore up and down it was going to be stupid and no way was I going to watch it. A friend of mine took me out on a date to see "Tales from the Crypt" which was in theatres at the same time, or so I thought that's what we were going to see. He already bought our tickets, so we spent some time playing games in the arcade in the mall across from the theatre (hey we were in high school!).  When it was time, we went to find our seats. I didn't pay attention to where I was walking so much, I just followed him. Let the boy be the "man".  You know, all those girly things we do to make men feel in charge.

Of course he tricked me. Sneaky bugger! He was taking me to see 
‪#‎TMNT‬ instead. I remember being upset and ready to walk out of the theatre. He begged me to sit down and just give it a chance. "Don't make a scene" I think were his exact words. So I sat. Arms crossed, back stiff, silently seething. About 5 minutes into the show or so, I don't remember exactly, but I started to relax. By the end of the movie I had laughed, cried, and was looking forward to hopefully a TMNT 2.

When the first #Transformer movie first came out back in 2007 (?) I scoffed and swore it would be stupid and I'd never watch it. Sound familiar? When Allen and I went to the movies a few weeks back one of the trailers was for the 4th Transformer movie coming out this summer, in #IMAX 3D. I was surprised at not only how interesting the Transformer trailer seemed, also happy to see that it had Mark Wahlberg in it. He turned out to be one truly amazing actor. Allen said he wanted to see it when it came out, I agreed. He asked me if I'd seen the first 3. I shook my head no. So, I was told I needed to see them first.

I think I need to stop saying "That looks stupid, I'll never watch it". Just because the theme is a "boy" theme doesn't mean a girl can't enjoy it. We want guys to watch chick flicks with us (sometimes), so I need to be more open-minded and watch boy stuff too. It's just a bonus that I end up enjoying the boy stuff!

~sierra sugar

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